Steel Ornamental Fence

Strong and enduring, with a timeless beauty to it

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Steel Ornamental Fences 

Steel ornamental fences offer the timeless charm and aesthetic appeal of traditional wrought iron fences without the hefty price tag or extensive upkeep. These fences are expertly crafted through welded fabrication, ensuring a sturdy structure that enhances security while adding an elegant touch to your home.

At Tucson Fence Pros, we collaborate with fence manufacturers for top-quality steel ornamental fences. Our manufacturers holds a leading position in the residential market, providing a wide range of options that are perfect for various applications, such as dog fences, pool fences, or child safety fences. They take pride in their products’ strength, resistance to rust, and sophisticated designs. With a variety of ornamental fence types and heights available, you can find the ideal solution that fits your budget and project requirements.

Enduring Beauty and Design Options:

Steel ornamental fences boast an enduring beauty that complements various architectural styles, from classic to contemporary. The ornate designs and intricate patterns add an elegant touch to any property, enhancing its curb appeal and overall value. With a range of design options available, homeowners can choose from a variety of picket styles, finials, and post caps to customize the fence according to their preferences.

Long-Lasting Durability and Security:

The strength and durability of steel ornamental fences ensure they can withstand the test of time and provide a robust barrier for your property. Crafted through welded fabrication, these fences offer exceptional sturdiness and security, making them an ideal choice for residential applications like dog fences, pool fences, and child safety fences. Homeowners can rest assured that their property is well-protected, thanks to the reliable strength of steel ornamental fences.

Aesthetic Color Options:

Steel ornamental fences come in two appealing color options: black and bronze. These colors are achieved through the E-Coat finish, which not only adds a rich, semi-glossy appearance but also serves as a protective layer against rust and corrosion. The black and bronze options complement any lawn or landscaping, adding a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space.

Rackable and Adaptable Design:

One notable advantage of steel ornamental fences is their rackable design, allowing them to be adjusted to fit various landscapes. Whether installed on flat ground or navigating slopes, the fence can be easily modified to maintain minimal gaps at the bottom. This feature ensures a seamless and aesthetically pleasing fence line that complements the natural contours of your property.

Versatility and Customization Options:

Steel ornamental fences offer homeowners a high level of versatility and customization, making them suitable for various applications and design preferences. These fences are available in different heights and styles, providing the flexibility to tailor the fence to specific needs. Whether you seek a taller fence for added privacy or a lower fence to maintain an open view of your surroundings, steel ornamental fences can be customized accordingly.

Low-Maintenance Solution:

Steel ornamental fences are designed to be low-maintenance, alleviating concerns about constant upkeep. The exclusive E-Coat finish employed by reputable manufacturers effectively prevents rust formation, ensuring the fence retains its attractive appearance over the years. Cleaning steel ornamental fences is a breeze – a simple hose down when needed will suffice to keep the fence looking pristine.


Steel ornamental fences offer a timeless blend of elegance, security, and low-maintenance, making them a sought-after fencing solution for homeowners. With enduring beauty and design options, these fences elevate the aesthetics of any property, enhancing its overall appeal and value. The durability and strength of steel ornamental fences provide reliable security, ensuring your property remains well-protected for years to come

In terms of appearance, steel ornamental fences come in two color options: black and bronze. Our manufacturers employ their exclusive E-Coat finish, which effectively prevents rust formation. This finish gives the fences a rich, semi-glossy appearance, complementing any lawn or landscaping. Through the ProFusion welding process, we ensure nearly invisible structural connections at every intersection between pickets and rails.

Aside from their appealing appearance, ornamental fences offer other benefits. They are designed to be low-maintenance, minimizing concerns about damage or wear due to neglect. Steel fences also have the advantage of effectively concealing dirt and dust compared to other fence types. Cleaning them is as simple as using a garden hose when needed. Furthermore, steel ornamental fences are rackable, meaning they can be adjusted to adapt to various landscapes. Whether on flat ground or navigating slopes, the fence can be easily modified, maintaining minimal gaps at the bottom.