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Fence Repair Services

Tucson Fence Pros provide a comprehensive range of fence repair services, catering to various types of fences such as wood, vinyl, ornamental, and chain link fences. Our repair expertise encompasses gate repair, post repair, rail repair, picket repair, and more.

Upon assessing the damage to your fence, we will offer recommendations for the most effective repairs tailored to your specific needs.

A well-maintained fence not only enhances the aesthetics of your property but also provides crucial security and privacy. However, fences are exposed to various weather conditions and external factors that can lead to wear and tear over time. Fence repair is a necessary aspect of property maintenance, ensuring the longevity and structural integrity of your fencing. In this article, we will explore the importance of fence repair in Tucson and the common issues that can arise with fences in the region.


Depending on the required repairs, different options may be available. Some repairs may involve more labor but result in a seamless appearance, seamlessly blending with your existing fence. Alternatively, certain repairs may require less labor but may introduce additional materials that differ slightly from the original fence design. We take into consideration your budgetary constraints and prioritize your preferences when suggesting repairs.

The most commonly needed fence repair in Arizona is fixing broken fence posts. Cedar fences, in particular, are prone to post deterioration due to moisture damage over time. We offer two solutions for this problem. The first option is a complete post replacement, where we detach the fence, remove the old post, and replace it with a new post embedded in fresh concrete. We then reattach the fence sections to the new post. The second option involves adding a sister post. In this method, we keep the broken post in place and install a new post in a separate hole adjacent to the damaged post. This approach allows us to prop the fence back upright and reinforce it with the added strength of the new post. Contact us today to determine the most suitable repair for your situation.

Additional Benefits:

Regular fence maintenance and timely repairs offer numerous advantages. They enable you to prolong the lifespan of your existing fence and postpone the need for a complete replacement for years to come. Engaging in regular maintenance and addressing repairs promptly will ultimately save you money and prevent future headaches.

Preserving the Life of Your Fence:
Tucson’s unique climate, characterized by hot summers and occasional monsoon rains, can take a toll on fences. Sun exposure can lead to fading and drying out of wood, while heavy rain and winds can cause damage to fence posts and panels. By investing in timely fence repair, you can extend the life of your fence, avoiding the need for premature replacement and saving on significant costs in the long run.

Addressing Weather-Related Damage:
Tucson’s monsoon season, with its intense rainfall and strong winds, can cause significant damage to fences. Fence posts may become loose or rot due to prolonged exposure to moisture. Panels and pickets can also suffer from warping or cracking, compromising the overall stability of the fence. Professional fence repair services can address these weather-related issues promptly, reinforcing the fence and preventing further damage.

Repairing Storm Damage:
Extreme weather events, such as heavy storms or microbursts, can wreak havoc on fences in Tucson. Falling branches or debris can break fence panels or cause structural damage. In such cases, immediate fence repair is essential to restore the security and privacy of your property. Qualified fence repair specialists can assess the extent of the damage and carry out necessary repairs efficiently.

Tackling Termite Infestations:
Termites are a common pest in Tucson, and they pose a serious threat to wooden fences. These voracious insects can quickly devour the wood, leading to weakened fence posts and panels. If left unaddressed, termite infestations can result in the collapse of the fence. Professional fence repair services can detect termite infestations early on and implement appropriate treatment to safeguard your fence from further damage.

Fixing Sagging or Leaning Fences:
Over time, fence posts can start to sag or lean due to various factors, including ground settlement or improper installation. A leaning fence not only compromises its appearance but also undermines its stability and security. Fence repair experts can realign and reinforce the posts, ensuring that the fence stands tall and firm.

Restoring Gate Functionality:
Fence gates are subjected to frequent use, which can cause wear on hinges and latches. A malfunctioning gate not only hinders accessibility but also compromises the security of your property. Professional fence repair can address gate-related issues, restoring smooth functionality and ensuring secure entry and exit.